Covid-19 Measures
  • All visitors, staff, employees, and third parties are always mandated to wear face masks in the mall from entry. Non-compliance will lead to denial to enter the mall.
  • All visitors, staff, employees, and third parties should walk through the sterilization gates before entering the mall. Multi-point doors are allowed for entry and exit.
  • Hand sanitizing dispensers are placed in the mall at the entrances and start of the escalator staircase.
  • Temperature checks are conducted to all visitors, staff, employees, and 3rd parties.
  • Various signage about facilities, limitation of facilities, social distancing, mandatory mask and gloves, hand washing techniques, cough etiquette, etc. are displayed at various locations for public awareness and compliance. Footmark stickers are placed in different locations within the mall such as entrances, elevators, escalators, etc. to ensure social distancing is maintained inside the mall. In addition, the number of people entering the stores is limited to minimize overcrowding, especially during peak periods, so that the occupant load does not exceed 1 customer per 10 square meters.
  • Stores & Food and Beverage outlets indicate the maximum number of allowed customers inside (50% of store capacity to be modified following the guidelines of the Local Authorities). 
  • The entire mall is being sanitized, especially all touchpoints, such as washrooms, baby-care facilities, customer service desks, escalators, elevators, handrails, door handles, railings, lift buttons, etc. every hour.
  • All common areas were cleaned and sanitized including parking, toilets, pantries, etc. before the mall opening. 
  • The cleaning team is provided with safety gear (gloves & masks) and trained to conduct proper sanitization of all common customer touchpoints. 
  • Stores should sanitize each item after each trial (e.g. clothing), retailers are not recommended to implement ‘No Return Policy’ for sale of personal items: Fashion, accessories & wearable apparel trial pose transmission risk. Sanitation measures must be performed after each customer trial (e.g. fitting rooms) to ensure safety while maintaining consumer rights or it is recommended not to use the changing and fitting rooms.
  • For health and beauty products (including but not limited to makeup, perfumes, beauty products, lotions, creams, any kind of fragrances, etc.), testing samples are not allowed.
  • Shoppers must wear a mask while trying items in the jewelry stores. Jewelry items tried by customers to be sanitized properly or quarantined in case sanitization is not possible due to fear of damaging the jewelry.
  • Smart payments are recommended (credit cards/debit cards over cash). Cash payments are still valid and not to be rejected. Card machines will be sanitized before and after every use.
  • All stores must comply with the mandatory requirements issued from time to time by the Local Authorities and to follow the MoPH guidelines. 
  • Valet parking is not provided to visitors during this period.
  • Parking at level 4 and level 5 are closed. 
  • Elevator lobbies in the parking lots at L-2 and L-3 are closed.
  • No events will be planned inside the mall over the coming few months.
We encourage all customers to keep checking this page to align with the updated rules and regulations related to LeMall during this period.